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From: domainremoved <Henry>
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2019 09:16:34 -0700

Honorable Mayor and Council members,

I appreciate the concern of city council for the traffic clogging growth that has continued as a result of recent up-zoning the Bayfront industrial area. However, adding additional review to the process (proposed resolution 6512) is not the logical solution. (See staff report excerpt below.)

in 2016, Council invited development via the Connect Menlo plan update without effective consideration for traffic and transportation, despite a public outcry on the issue. Your Planning Commission is now left to pass or deny projects that fully comply under Connect Menlo, without any meaningful traffic and transportation improvements. This is the law that Council passed.

Your challenge is to correct the Ordinance that is Connect Menlo so that development is tied to real and visible traffic and transportation improvements.

I suggest that - rather than burden Council and staff with redundant reviews under bad law - you should revise Connect Menlo. The immediate task is to determine the transportation improvements (ref. the TMP) and assure land owners and residents know that you will require real visible improvements before more development.


Henry Riggs
Callie Lane

Impact on City Resources

City Council review of Planning Commission decisions will result in additional workload for community development, public works and city attorney personnel. Adding this additional layer of review would increase planning division staff’s workload in reviewing any changes made or additional input received between the Planning Commission decision and City Council appeal hearing, as well as drafting additional staff reports, conditions, resolutions or other related items. At present there are not enough consultants, staff or contract staff to manage the additional workload anticipated with the approval of the attached resolution authorizing appeals as a matter of course. To manage the work, the City may need to hire additional consultants and/or staff to assist with this planning effort or to backfill current senior staff to work on preparing City Council appeals. This reallocation of staff resources could also impact staff review of other City Council priority projects such as amendments to the El Camino Real/Downtown specific plan and reviews of land use policies and regulations in the Bayfront area. Finally, this decision will require additional City Council meeting time and possibly more meetings.

City of Menlo Park 701 Laurel St., Menlo Park, CA 94025 tel 650-330-6600 www.menlopark.org

Staff Report #: 19-162-CC
Received on Mon Aug 19 2019 - 09:09:28 PDT

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