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Long and Short Term Traffic Solutions

From: domainremoved <menlo>
Date: Sat, 15 Jun 2019 08:57:29 -0700

Long and short-term traffic solutions

Fellow residents

Moratoria-- and all the legal paraphernalia required to enact them-- have
been averted. Council members will instead directly address issues which
prompted the moratoria call.

In Belle Haven, the main issue is traffic poor air quality and other
terrible effects.

There are long-term solutions to traffic problems—all of which would
benefit all of us. These include:

1. Reconstruction of Dumbarton Rail across the bay. It's been studied
but is it stuck?

2. An overpass from the Dumbarton Bridge directly to 101. Facebook will
promote it.

3. Bart to San Jose. It's in the works and will alleviate bridge

*And what about shorter-term fixes?*

1. Initiate rail service on existing tracks between Redwood City
Caltrain and Bayshore/Facebook. This could be done in months.

2. Consider Uber's Flying Rideshare program. Uber Elevate is building a
test site near Levi's stadium this summer.

3. Build a gondola between Facebook and Menlo Park Caltrain on existing
rights of way. Commute gondolas take two years to build, are relatively
inexpensive, run continuously, are emission free and are being built all
over the world, most recently in Haifa, Israel.

4. Initiate ferry service with Hovercraft
other shallow-water vehicles across the Bay. Water transit has exploded in
the Bay Area and, with shallow water ferries, can operate here too.

A two member subcommittee including the Mayor and Vice Mayor are appointed
to address Belle Haven problems. We hope they will consider all these
transit alternatives.

Do you know of other potential traffic alternatives? Please share.

Sincerely, Lee Duboc (menlofuture_at_(domainremoved)
Received on Sat Jun 15 2019 - 08:51:52 PDT

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