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From: domainremoved <Vincent>
Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2019 23:39:40 -0700

Dear City Council,

I was chair of the Planning Commission during the year when the last
Specific Plan was reviewed and approved.

According to a letter from Betsy Nash:

"/Now is an appropriate time to ask how much of our development caps
have already been used up with projects built or in the pipeline,
understand their traffic and other impacts, and set ourselves up to make
better decisions about mitigating the impacts of current and future

I am disappointed that there is any confusion on the part of our City
Council about what the Specific Plan allows and where we are at.

This information should be front and center every time a large project
is presented to the City Council and Planning Commission. If a project
takes us significantly closer to limits imposed by the Specific Plan,
then this context should be provided to the decision makers. However,
the letter from Ms. Nash makes me wonder if some member of the City
Council believe that we may already have exceeded these limits.

Menlo Park's planning staff and ultimately the city manager are
responsible for providing clear information about development limits and

Council Members, I urge you to hold our planning staff and city manager
to their most basic responsibility to you and to the residents of Menlo


Vincent Bressler
Received on Mon Jun 10 2019 - 23:33:57 PDT

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