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Homeless Up 30+% in 2 Years!

From: domainremoved <Kathleen>
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2019 10:54:33 -0700

Dear mayor and councilpersons,
This is all your fault! And the fault of all the local towns who are
granting more land grabs to the local Tech Robber Barons. Shame on you!!!
I have 2 degrees from Stanford. I taught for 8 years in San Jose in the
70's and was able to rent a cottage in College Terrace in PA. Until Prop 13.
I then moved to the east coast for a PhD, and have recently returned to the
area. My letter to the Mercury is below.
It was much longer originally, but I had to cut it.
I was going to add: "For all of you parents who love little Jared's second
grade teacher, you can kiss her goodbye because Alice doesn't live here any
Do any of you have a better explanation for the 30% increase????

*Just say no to Google, Facebook and the rest*

Re: “Dramatic spike in homelessness” (Page A1, May 17): Why is the homeless
population up 31 percent or more in Santa Clara County and surrounding
counties since 2017? Big Tech!

Our cities keep approving expansions for these bloated robber barons
because they “create jobs.” Shame on these mayors and city councils! If you
build it, they will come: tens of thousands more young techies, who want
nice housing, schools, room for their vehicles, etc. Just say no to Google,
Facebook and the rest. The more they build, the more landlords everywhere
in the area are rapidly demolishing their affordable rentals that house
teachers, nurses, contractors, laborers, cooks and gardeners, and other
workers we rely upon, just to make way for “nice” houses and condos for

Who do you think lives in those RVs? Go ask them: It’s contractors,
gardeners, health care workers, grad students, etc. And where do the Big
Tech companies think they’ll get their landscapers, cooks? There won’t be

*— Kathleen McNellis, Redwood City*


*433 Upton St.*
Received on Mon Jun 03 2019 - 13:05:46 PDT

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