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Police Vehicle Purchase

From: domainremoved <James>
Date: Mon, 20 May 2019 23:15:01 -0700

Dear Mayor and City Council Members,

I am writing to ask that you postpone the decision to purchase eight new
gasoline-fueled police vehicles while non-polluting alternatives are
explored. I was pleased to see our city recently adopt the Climate and
Sustainability Resolution (No. 6493), as a part of which we will promote
"moving toward completely electrified transportation systems.” The vehicles
our city purchases are the most direct way that we can advocate for
electrified transportation, as we have so recently committed to do.
Furthermore, gasoline cars harm not only our climate, grave enough of a
concern as it is, but they also harm our health through the emission of
pollutants that are especially impactful on the respiratory health of
children - and given that our police fleet idles* directly adjacent to
Burgess Park, where children play every day, we shouldn't take these harms
lightly. Please postpone this decision while we explore options that will
allow our city to meet its commitments to the climate and best protect the
health of its residents.

James & Dana Payne
1317 Carlton Avenue
Menlo Park

*the website describing the proposed 24 mpg replacement vehicles
(assuming we're considering the 2020 model) touts the reduced fuel
consumption when idling compared to earlier models, but even in their
example estimates 730 gallons of fuel consumed while idling over the course
of a year - that's 730 gallons burned directly next to Burgess Park, per
car, per year. An EV or even a plug-in hybrid would reduce that number to
Received on Mon May 20 2019 - 23:09:44 PDT

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