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Bike lanes; Agenda items #H2 and #H3

From: domainremoved <John>
Date: Tue, 21 May 2019 03:52:38 +0000 (UTC)

I am addressing two items on the Agenda for your May 21, 2019 meeting:
H2 --  Bike lanes on Middle Ave
In that past, I've communicated with both the City Council and, at that time, theBicycle Commission about my desire to have bike lanes on Middle Ave.  Although I'mnot a resident of Menlo Park, I used Middle Ave daily as my primary bicycle commute route tothe USGS.  I commuted rain or shine.  I've advocated for the removal of themeaningless "Bike Safety Route" sign and advocated for bike lanes.  
In general, I continue to support the concept of bike lanes on Middle from Olive to ECR.However, I envision something much simpler --  after removing parking on one side of thestreet, install plain and/or buffered bike lanes.  I don't see the need for separated andtwo-way bike lanes.
I find the concept of two-way bike lanes baffling -- they might work okay in the intermediateblocks such that ones route only encompasses those blocks with the two-way bike lane. However,how does one enter or exit the two-way bike lane at the bike lane's end?  If one is going towards ECR, that will require a weird, mid-block crossing to get to the two-way bike lane.Even with a cross-walk, this could be hazardous. (Parenthetically, a bike rider who rides, not walks, in the cross-walk could be a violation of the vehicle code -- or at least make thebike rider partially liable in a civil case involving a crash.)
Adjacent to the apartments near University, the proposal indicates installation of a buffer onthe side of the road with no-parking. On the apartment side, the proposed bike lane isa standard width bike lane placing the cyclist squarely in the "door-zone" -- very hazardous.I suggest that the buffered bike lane should be on the apartment side of the street.
Finally, for continuity along the entire length of Middle, the bike lanes should be a consistentdesign -- otherwise, changing the position and/or the scheme of buffering (ie adding island andor buffers) is very distracting (and makes for an unpredictable rider -- Being predictable is akey to bike/motorist safety). 
H3:  Santa Cruz Ave Bike lanes.  I'd like to see this implemented!  The removal of residentialparking is key, and I support that notion.
Thank you.
John Langbein
Redwood City,

John Langbein
Received on Mon May 20 2019 - 20:47:18 PDT

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