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Congestion Relief/Management

From: domainremoved <Josh>
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2019 10:27:13 -0700

Hello City Council,

We are writing to express our desire that Willow Road not be expanded. As
residents of Willow Road, this would greatly decrease our quality of life
and property value. Increasing road capacity doesn't lead to less
congestion, it leads to more cars. Menlo Park does not need to invite more
cars into the city. It is already unsafe and hard enough to cross the
street; we can only imagine how much less safe it would be if Willow Road
was expanded to more than 2 lanes.

Please consider that Willow Road is also a community/neighborhood and not
just "Arterial." We appreciate that the the residents of surrounding
streets don't want cut-through traffic, but it is not reasonable to expect
the only cars in the area to drive on Willow Road. The other streets
(McKendry, Marmona, Laurel) are public streets as well that drivers are
entitled to drive on. In this day in age with navigation apps etc, drivers
will use other routes AKA cut-through to get to 101.

Please do not expand Willow Road, we don't want to live on an expressway!

Thanks for your consideration,
Josh Spira, Samira Bozorgi, and Miles Spira (6 months old and hoping to be
able to walk/bike to school safely in the future)

245 Willow Rd.
Received on Tue Mar 26 2019 - 10:22:54 PDT

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