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Grade Separation Proposal

From: Bob Frankle <"Bob>
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2019 15:00:23 -0800

I am writing to express my concerns regarding the proposal to have only one
grade separation at Ravenswood Avenue. This plan also includes the closure
of Alma St at Ravenswood. I live in the Linfield Oaks neighborhood, which
was not represented on the City Council when this proposal was approved.
Our District was not included in the recent election and so is still not
represented on the Council. Making such impactful decisions without someone
representing the interests of the Linfield Oaks neighborhood requires that
the current members of the Council carefully and completely evaluate the
consequences of the current and subsequent proposals on the residents of our
neighborhood. Here are some impacts that seem obvious to me:

. Having only one grade separation means that traffic wishing to
avoid the rail line will necessarily go to Ravenswood, which will increase
the traffic in our neighborhood. Traffic is already bad in that area and
increased traffic will only make it worse and increase the risk to
pedestrians and cyclists. It would seem more equitable to have additional
grade separations, even if they cost more, to spread the traffic impacts
more evenly.

. Closure of Alma St at Ravenswood was tried and abandoned. In its
current configuration, Alma St provides a wide, direct route to Willow Rd
along the edge of the Linfield Oaks neighborhood. Closing Alma will funnel
traffic to Laurel St, which is a much smaller street that runs through the
heart of the neighborhood. It seems counterintuitive to support a plan that
includes closure of Alma.

. I understand that the current proposal is the least expensive of
the 3 proposals under consideration. However, I assume that price is only
one factor. Whichever design is adopted will fundamentally impact the City
and its future. A reasoned, comprehensive decision making process should
consider all effects without prioritizing price above all.


I urge you to reconsider the current proposal and open the process to
additional study and inputs from the community. In particular, please
evaluate Alternative C. For the good of our city, please give consideration
to proposals that are forward looking and serve the best interests of all
Menlo Park citizens, especially those who live in neighborhoods, such as
Linfield Oaks, that are most directly impacted.


Thank you for your consideration and for your service to Menlo Park.


Bob Frankle

410 Linfield Drive

Menlo Park, CA 94025
Received on Thu Jan 03 2019 - 14:57:19 PST

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