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Proposed Alma closure and increasing traffic on Laurel

From: domainremoved <Erin>
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2019 08:53:26 -0800

I recently became aware that the City of Menlo Park is considering closing
Alma and forcing all cars down an already completely congested Laurel
Street. This move would not only drastically increase traffic havoc on an
already congested street (Laurel), it would make Laurel Street far more
dangerous for kids / families getting to a community center.. the city's
primary magnet for kids. I am shocked that the Council would even consider
it given the "test run" in 2015 which resulted in absolute gridlock for
those of us living on the East side of Menlo Park; traffic congestion has
only exploded more over here since that time.

Laurel is a magnet for children because of the pool, gymnastics center,
library, baseball and soccer fields, and recreation center. There are
already too many cars on that road; the idea that you would put every car
on a single road is mind blowing; how can the Council even consider
purposely routing even MORE cars onto Laurel? You are not just putting
more cars going to the recreation facilities, you will have more cars
circulating AROUND the entire facility with a single entrance/ exit point.

Of course there are residents of the Linfield Oaks community trying to get
home too, and you will have eliminated their route options from two to one
or forced them onto Middlefield and Willow which is already a parking lot
thanks to Facebook and growth in the area. Since the "test" in 2015,
traffic has only gotten worse here, so I can only imagine the complete hell
they will be living in just trying to get home each day.

For those of you who do not live in east Menlo Park and have not
experienced that intersection and road way, the Laurel/ Ravenswood
intersection currently only enables one to two cars to make a left in a
given traffic signal light (traveling towards El Camino). More west-bound
cars on that road will may make it impossible for even one car to make the
left turn (this already happens two me once to twice a week trying to turn
left). This will create MORE gridlock on Ravenswood and will result in
angry drivers trying to get home or trying to pick up/drop off children to
try to run the light in desperation (I also see this fairly often).
Furthermore, you put all of these cars in contact with children riding
their bikes to the recreation facilities to swim, play baseball or soccer,
do gymnastics, karate, or go to the library and you have a recipe for

Closing Alma is dangerous and will create further chaos for those of us
living on the east side of El Camino. We have had enough! Since the
"test", the situation for residents on this side has only gotten worse;
this is more gridlock and accidents waiting to happen.

Erin and Jeff Glanville
McKaela, Jack, and Dylan Glanville (All who have or currently do use the
recreation facilities and ride their bikes-- often after dark-- there.)
Received on Wed Jan 02 2019 - 08:50:32 PST

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