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17-year resident of Menlo Park: Opposed to Misguided Hampton Inn Proposal

From: domainremoved <Carol>
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2018 11:48:54 -0700

Dear City of Menlo Park Leadership,

After two years of constructive communication, planning and collaboration with the hotel developer Sagar Patel, we of the Park Forest home community are now opposed to the revised plan (unveiled in May 2018) for redevelopment of the existing Red Cottage Inn. I’m writing to reiterate my opposition to the current plan because it does not include underground parking, and instead creates a hardship on our City, and on our Park Forest home community in particular, with increased noise, traffic congestion from the proximity and size of the new structure.

The City leaders have granted a discretionary Public Benefit Bonus for this project without taking into consideration the serious negative impacts of congestion, traffic, noise, lack of privacy and undesirable encroachment of this new, large commercial building on our residential community. Without the underground parking as part of the plan, the new building will be nearly double the size allowed for our low-density zoning. Further, this new hotel appears to violate Municipal Code Section 16.68.020 by diminishing the character of our neighborhood and negatively impacting the desirability of our Park Forest neighborhood which is directly adjacent.

We in the Park Forest community had supported the previous plan which was far more reasonable, and was designed to include underground parking. Simply put, without underground parking, this large commercial building will no longer include the setbacks from property lines that would make the new structure a favorable addition to the City that “fit” into our community.

We are asking the City leaders to consider the long-term impacts of their decisions so that we can preserve the character and quality of our neighborhood. I’m asking the Commissioners again to please take a longer-term view of their decisions and find a way to compel developer Sagar Patel to incorporate underground parking with reasonable setbacks and hotel size into his plans. I attended the City Planning Commission meeting on October 8, and it struck me that the Commissioners were bending over backwards to accommodate Mr. Patel’s increasing costs. But it’s not fair for the Commissioners to make the Park Forest residents bear those costs in terms our diminished quality of life.


Carol Broadbent
Buckthorn Way
Menlo Park
Received on Tue Oct 30 2018 - 11:46:58 PDT

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