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Draegers- Loading Zone Alternatives

From: domainremoved <Joyce>
Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2018 07:50:58 -0700

Dear City Council Members,
I note there is a proposed project at 840 Menlo Avenue which impacts Draeger’s Market. There are five choices proposed to alleviate great disturbance to the surrounds, titled Loading Zone Alternative Descriptions.
Certainly one of these five alternative choices can be found to be workable to all parties involved.
I have been a shopper at Draeger’s for years and would be very concerned if a design were chosen that would impact the sales of this family run market. The economy thrives on a variety of markets and the sales from Draeger’s I imagine helps the local economy as people are drawn to Menlo Park for groceries as well as other shopping. I no longer live in Menlo Park but shop at Draeger’s. The 10 minute trip to Draeger’s from Palo Alto is worth my time.
Certainly, one of the five alternative loading zones can be found. The third proposed idea: Create a loading zone on Evelyn Street between Menlo Avenue and the proposed garage entrance without any redesign looks workable. I sincerely hope one of the choices from Loading Zone Alternative Descriptions as outlined is chosen which can only help Draeger’s as well as the local economy.

Joyce Freiberg

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