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BH Neighborhood Library: Thank you and steps forward

From: domainremoved <Pushpinder>
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2018 07:31:30 -0700

Dear Mayor and City Council Members,

Thank you for your unanimous vote on moving forward!

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend in person due to work commitments but
was able to watch the library discussion through the live stream.

I would like to reinforce the following comments made by public or City
Council members:

   1. *Accelerate the timeline*--look for areas to parallel path (due to
   community fatigue with little action but soliciting lots of input over many
   2. *Engage the communit*y in the mean time through pop up/mobile
   libraries at parks, community center, or key locations
   3. *Have competitive bids* for the siting analysis and construction
   phases (knowing that we are going with Noll and Tam during the space needs
   4. *Start funding discussions* with creative ideas such as a hotel
   occupancy tax (thanks Mayor Ohtaki for that idea!)
   5. *Get more thorough community inputs *from key stakeholders in the
   next phases (the BHNLAC has a list of names to start with)

If I had to ask one question, then it would be: *what can the city do to
meet the needs of BH residents in the short-term given that we are looking
at over 2 years to break ground?* Jacqui's idea about pop-up libraries in
the neighborhood is awesome, but what more can be done to engage a fatigued
and disillusioned community that needs services now?

Please make this a priority in your discussions.


Pushpinder P. Lubana, PhD
LinkedIn <http://www.linkedin.com/in/pushpinderlubana>
Cell 650-644-8554
Received on Wed Oct 10 2018 - 07:30:16 PDT

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