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Re: Relocation Assistance

From: domainremoved <Kirsten>
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2018 12:52:54 -0700

Thank you for your views. I appreciate it. Let’s talk tomorrow.

On Thu, Sep 27, 2018 at 10:43 AM Evan Collins <evancollins2_at_(domainremoved)

> Dear Mayor Ohtaki and Members of the City Council,
> Carol and I are mom and pop landlords with units on Roble Ave. near
> University Ave. We believe the Housing Commission’s proposal is a
> watered-down version of rent control and just cause eviction. We met
> with Ms. Grove and had a good discussion. We are sympathetic with her
> concerns regarding potential homelessness when tenants are evicted. We
> may have unintentionally left her with the impression that we do not oppose
> this proposal. We do oppose it. What we tried to communicate in our
> discussion with Ms. Grove is that this proposal would not materially impact
> our rental business as we are presently running it. We have only evicted
> one tenant without cause over many years and we have not lost any tenants
> over a rent increase. Although we presently choose to charge most
> tenants below market rents and earn less than we could, it does not mean
> that we wish to surrender the right to earn the market rent and raise rents
> accordingly should our circumstances change. Furthermore, we do not wish
> to have the rights of other landlord’s restricted just because the proposal
> may not impact us much. This proposal also puts landlords with older
> units at a disadvantage because the additional large relocation expense
> dramatically increases the cost of keeping older units functional. We
> treat our tenants fairly and believe it is unnecessary to have our
> practices and property rights further regulated.
> We urge the City Council to reject this proposal.
> Finally, we are not opposed to a relocation program that is triggered when
> units are permanently removed from the market or vacated for redevelopment.
> Regards, Carol and Evan Collins
> --
Best regards,

Kirsten Keith,
Councilmember and former Mayor, City of Menlo Park
Received on Thu Sep 27 2018 - 12:51:53 PDT

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