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Please Require Traffic Analysis!

From: domainremoved <ag>
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2018 19:00:54 +0000

Please require a traffic study before approving any new business/residence adjacent Draegers, so that the city has an impact statement for Menlo Avenue and intersecting streets for review.

As a resident of Menlo Avenue, I observe the following:

  * In the early morning, about 8 am, Menlo Avenue fills up with vehicles parked for the day. These are vehicles driven by employees, employers and business owners, who apparently do not obtain a parking permit for the business plazas. These vehicles remain there until about 5 pm, when businesses close. During the day, there are also many large delivery vans which must stop in the street, blocking traffic.

  * When I drive to Palo Alto or Stanford, I can avoid the complicated El Camino–Menlo Ave. intersection, which requires I drive by the Trader Joe’s parking lot, often busy with arriving and leaving vehicles. Instead, I head in the opposite direction toward Draeger's, in order avoid the tangle of turning lanes at El Camino and Menlo Ave.

  * Evening traffic is even worse. Business people are heading home. Many shoppers head for Trader Joe’s and/or Draeger’s. (There are many mid-block left turns into TJ’s parking lot.)

An hour-by-hour traffic analysis would provide information needed in the planning stages for the proposed business/residence building adjacent Draeger’s, on Menlo Avenue, near University.

A. Lee
Menlo Park - Downtown
Received on Mon Sep 17 2018 - 11:59:44 PDT

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