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Willow Village by FB

From: domainremoved <Brian>
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2018 01:44:30 -0700

Hello, I read very briefly about the potential Willow Village plan by
Facebook, so would like to offer a few suggestions to consider both for
this and any other project.

As everyone knows, there is a housing crisis and it's going to require
every community to think differently, quickly and boldly to solve.

However, there's another crisis that gets less attention, which is there is
an office space crisis for startups.

Where does the future startups like Facebook find affordable office space?

For these and many other reasons, I would urge the following in any
planning process:

* Maximize mixed-use opportunities that combine office, housing, retail,
underground or parking decks

* Reach for the sky instead of height restrictions - this doesn't mean
every building needs to be a skyscraper, but a combination of taller
buildings will be far more efficient land use and may actually create more
opportunities for open space

* Encourage maximum additional housing - while 1,500 more units is helpful,
it's obviously not enough...again, this can be solved by taller buildings

* Require Facebook and ANY large developer of commercial or office space to
start designating significant low to free space for startups. This could
range from space with Facebook's offices or insuring that Facebook works
with others to make sure there are private non-FB controlled space for
startups, accelerators and co-working spaces that will make it possible for
the next wave of entrepreneurs to exist

I cannot understate the need to address the housing crisis and office space
crisis equally because if we fail to solve for either, we are creating a
skewed future.

I live near Facebook's HQ and I recognize traffic is challenging, but I
believe it's critical to add housing and office space, even IF that means
more traffic. Of course, I also believe more can be done to address traffic
flow, leverage shuttles, rideshare, transit and innovation.

Last, but not least, I would view this as a transformation opportunity for
Menlo Park to lead solutions for the region.

Make Menlo Park the city that reached for the sky, created a smart city,
welcome startups and aggressively found solutions for people to live.

Our future can be much better.

Thank you,

Received on Fri Sep 14 2018 - 01:43:43 PDT

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