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Tenant Relocation Assistance Draft Ordinance

From: domainremoved <Judy>
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2018 18:08:39 -0700

To Council Members and Planning Department,

I support Menlo Park finally establishing a strong Tenant Relocation
Assistance Ordinance. In reviewing *Almanac* articles going back to 2016
(and probably earlier) it has been discussed and debated - it is time to
pass. I would support a stronger ordinance in terms of the # of months'
rent given and a larger moving allowance; what we have in the draft
ordinance is too small for the cost of relocation given the tight housing
market for low-income and even middle-income residents. I also strongly
support a rent increase cap of a maximum of 10-15%; any other rental
increase is surious.

I am also concerned that* in anticipation of, and in advance of the
implementation of any such ordinance becoming law*, that landlords.
property managers and developers will raise rents and shut renters out
before the ordinance is enacted and becomes the law.

In addition, I am in favor of the passage of Prop 10, the Affordable
Housing Act to further protect renters, who are at the mercy of
unconscionable rent increases. Finally, we must work to build low-income
(not just "affordable") housing Immediately before our city loses more of
its already shrinking diversity, and when possible, on city land, such as
the proposed parking structures on current downtown surface parking lots
with housing at the top story, not businesses. While I'm in favor of *one*
structure accommodating a movie theater, now that we are losing our only
remaining full-time movie theater, the remaining lots should be converted
ASAP to accommodate parking structures and low-income housing.

Have you seen the number of Menlo Park businesses looking for workers?
Where can they find housing they can afford? What small businesses will be
forced to close and what will happen to the agreeable "small town"
atmosphere of a thriving Menlo Park, a walkable, "tree city," with mom and
pop, locally owned businesses?


Judy Adams
Downtown District resident
Received on Thu Sep 13 2018 - 18:08:10 PDT

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