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rent control

From: domainremoved <Manuel>
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2018 22:19:23 +0000 (UTC)

Dear council member

We are writing this letter to let you know how we feel about the tenant protection measure being considered for renters

We are retired and on a fixed income , our monthly social security does not even come close to able us to stay in our home
if it were not for our long term planning and hard work to purchase  our rental property over twenty years ago we would have to move out of our home.

We understand and empathize with renters in our city but we also feel that having mom and pop landlords pay for rent and relocation services is not fair and puts undue hardship
on people like us who depend on our rental property for a decent living.

The rental problems are a county and statewide problem that can't be solved by singling out a group of people who did not create the problem in the first place, if the city wants to help
renters by rent control or relocation expenses then it should be done by a tax on everyone including commercial properties since they are severely under charged because of prop 13
which allows them to keep the low tax rates even when properties are turned over to new owners.

Please consider the hardship you will cause small rental property owners before you act.

Thank You
Manuel & Leslie Grech .
Received on Wed Sep 12 2018 - 15:18:22 PDT

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