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NO Speed Bumps on Baywood Ave

From: domainremoved <Lauri>
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2018 13:47:01 -0700

I would attend the meeting slated on this subject but I am recovering from

I live at the corner of Baywood and Woodland and my home office has a clear
view of the corner. I have witnessed the reduction of traffic during
restricted hours and a definite reduction of traffic speed since the
traffic signs have been put in place.

My opinions are:

1. Make the turn limitation signage permanent: Although, there will always
people who will ignore them, the signs have significantly decreased the
cut-through traffic from Middlefield through the neighborhood. And merely
by reading the signs, slows people down.

2. The signs are a cheap way to manage traffic. A lot cheaper than putting
in speed bumps.

3. The residents of Baywood submitted a petition where the overwhelming
majority indicated that they did not want speed bumps on Baywood back in

4. The driveways on Baywood are very close together on this very short
street. ANY placement of speed bumps will interfere with at least one or
two residents exit from their driveways.

The placement of speed bumps on Baywood doesn't make sense. Making the
signs permanent is a more sensible, cost effective solution.

Additionally, the semi-trucks that deliver to the Willows Market have
started (after requesting they do so because they were blocking traffic,
hitting the stop sign and breaking down the sidewalk on the right hand side
of that corner) turning left out of the service road that runs between 40
Middlefield and 119 Baywood to avoid the difficulty of making the tight
right turn onto Woodland and then onto Middlefield to continue onto their
next delivery. If speed bumps are put on Baywood, this will cause the semis
to make a lot more noise bouncing over the speed bumps as they exit the

I appreciate you attention on this issue,
Lauri Hart
119 Baywood Ave
Received on Mon Sep 10 2018 - 13:45:55 PDT

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