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[Sent to Planning ]975 Florence Lane, Menlo Park - Staff Recommendation and impact of project

From: domainremoved <Ric>
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2018 12:37:12 -0700

Please reference:
City of Menlo Park
Staff Report to the Housing Commission
Meeting date: 8/8/2018
Staff Report Number: 18-015-HC
Subj: Recommendation of BMR proposal for 975 Florence Lane, Menlo Park

Please find attached the signed petitions from 25 residents of properties
near to and adjacent to the subject property that are in *OPPOSITION* to
the proposed plans that would:

   - Cause a reduction in the number of required parking places
   - Allow additions that would encroach into the required setbacks
   - Increase the density allowed by zoning
   - Grant exemptions to a BMR unit that would cause any of the items in
   1,2, or 3

The initial proposal for 975 Florence Lane was to convert 6 rental units
into 6 condominiums. Subsequent discussions between the City and the owner
resulted in the revised proposal referenced above in the Staff Report to
the Housing Commission to include new construction of two 560 sq ft units
in the back of property - one of which would be a BMR unit. To build out
the additional units requires SUBSTANTIAL variances to both the side and
rear set back requirements (greater than a 40% reduction). In addition,
there is a request to allow 11 parking spaces where 15 is the required
number. The staff recommendation made the presumption that proximity to
the downtown area would support a reduced parking requirement. Proximity
to downtown should have NO bearing on the number of cars owned by
residents. We presume that residents of the condominium who do not have
on-site parking will use Florence Lane - which has restricted on-street
overnight parking. And there is a fire hydrant directly in front of the
units, thus any permitted on-street parking will be required to park in
front of the neighboring residences. Also, Florence Lane is already
impacted by the 'No Parking' on University Drive (requiring cars to park on
the side streets) and the 'drive throughs' of both MA students and west
Menlo residents trying to avoid the congestion on Santa Cruz Ave and Middle
Ave during commute hours.

While we are supportive of enhancing our neighborhood with improvements to
the existing properties these efforts should be done within code and not
cause unintended consequences.

Thank you for your attention to our concerns. We look forward to working
with the respective groups.

Noel Smith
1017 Florence Lane
Menlo Park CA
Email: smithns_at_(domainremoved)
Phone: 650-248-5773

Carl Vogelsang
721 University Dr
Menlo Park CA
Email: hibdysurf_at_(domainremoved)
Phone: 650-468-3185

Received on Fri Aug 24 2018 - 12:37:01 PDT

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