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Keep The City Out Of It - 840 Menlo Avenue Project

From: domainremoved <Edward>
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2018 21:43:51 -0700

Honorable Council Member,

I write to ask you to take no action and allow the development project at 840 Menlo Avenue to proceed. The owners/developers have followed all the rules and met all the review standards of the City’s planning commission. There is no reason to reverse that decision.

Yes, Draegers Supermarket is a good citizen of the community, but so are the owners of the property that is proposed for development.

The City should not insert itself into what is a “commercial” dispute and potentially put the coffers and staff time of the city at risk in some future litigation. If the property next to Draegers so valuable and needed by them to run their operation, then Draegers should express that value in an offer to rent or purchase the land rather than drag the city into their dispute and ask for special parking privileges for their deliver trucks.

Alternatively, maybe the city would like to allow Draegers to have exclusive use of a portion of the parking plaza next to the store to use as its loading zone. Seems silly, right!? I’m sure the other merchants surrounding that plaza would be thrilled, right! Well that's the same privilege being asked of the property owner next to Draegers.

Approve the development that passed the planning commission and keep the city out of this dispute.

Edward Moritz
Received on Thu Aug 23 2018 - 21:43:08 PDT

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