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Deep concerns about Stanford bringing in criminals as students & faculty under "political reasons," eg Sergey Brin, his ex wife , and her family

From: domainremoved <christinamasden999>
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2018 08:10:55 -0700

hi dear Menlo Park City Council I am using voice to text so apologies for any grammatical incongruity is I wanted to write in and say Stanford has been politically attempting to do some really horrible things over the past 20 to 30 years you can clearly see that California has changed substantially from the wholesome open place that it once used to be and I'm just terrified by individuals like Sergey Brin and his ex-wife Stanford brought them in as Jewish refugees and apparently it seems like they were criminals lying and concealing their intent to commit crime they are very racist against white Americans they are committing hate crimes against white Anglo Americans they're committing hate crimes against families who have lived in California for Generations especially white families and they do feel entitled they are not taking out insurance and they are not behaving appropriately I just can't believe what I'm looking at when I look at these people I feel like I was sold for a sucker.
I don't think it's a very California thing to do for someone like Sergey Brin to start selling data to third parties to try to commit hate crimes I can't believe that his ex-wife started trying to sell genetic data to Pfizer this person went to Stanford she lied for years and years about who she actually was this is not the kind of value I've ever seen before from anyone who was in her circumstances she allegedly has been enticing the disabled and the elderly and those Afflicted with genetic genetic ailments to give her their data for free so that she can sell them exploit them and allegedly and unfortunately Black Market traffic them experiment on them break into their homes and murder them

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