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[Sent to Planning ]445 Oak Ct - Required 3rd-Party Tree Inspector prior to Excavation

From: domainremoved <striffler>
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2018 00:33:14 -0700

Honorable City Council,

When you reviewed the 445 Oak Ct project, you mandated a requirement that a
3rd Party Arborist inspect the worksite prior to excavation and regularly
during construction. This was in response to the Heritage Redwood Trees
less than 7 feet from the construction zone at my next-door residence at
1485 Woodland Ave.

I received a letter from the Developer, Brian Nguyen (on cc), stating he
would begin excavation this coming Monday, yet I have not been presented
with an official report from the 3rd-party Arborist stating that fencing
has been done properly and that excavation can be allowed to begin, per the
terms of the Council's requirement.

I recommend that Mr Nguyen pay for McClenahan's Tree service, a local and
well-regarded Willows institution come out for the inspection prior to
Monday, and daily from that point forward.

Please do not allow Mr Nguyen to begin his excavation until McClenahan's
has visited the site and provided the appropriate recommendations.

Thank you.

Alex Striffler-Hernandez
1485 Woodland Ave
Received on Fri Jul 20 2018 - 00:33:21 PDT

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