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The Bank

From: domainremoved <Amy>
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2018 13:19:46 -0700

Dear Menlo Park Planning Commission and City Council,
Thank you for your service to our community. I’m writing to encourage you to grant a permit for youth to continue to gather at “The Bank” building on Santa Cruz Avenue. This isn’t actually a personal issue for me because my kids aren’t among the hundreds who have frequently gathered there over the past few years. Instead, I’m writing as a person who is deeply concerned about the emotional health of all the children in our community. As we all know, teenagers are under a huge amount of stress today, and they really need welcoming and safe places where they can gather, make friends, and just hang out. In fact, I believe that Menlo Park actually needs MORE of these spaces not fewer, so it makes no sense that our community would take away a vital resource serving so many teenagers.

Furthermore, as you know, this building is located on Santa Cruz Avenue which is one of the main business arteries of Menlo Park - not on a residential street - so its use as a gathering space seems perfectly appropriate.

Please let common sense and care for our community’s teenagers prevail in this situation.

Best regards,
Amy Arnold
312 Sherwood Way, Menlo Park
Received on Sun Jul 15 2018 - 13:20:44 PDT

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