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more on the Library boondoggle

From: domainremoved <dana>
Date: Mon, 21 May 2018 19:21:45 -0700

Dear City Council Members,

Before spending thousands and thousands of dollars on planning for a
library that many Menlo Park residents don't want and that many Menlo
Park residents do not want to raise or pay towards the $30,000,000+++
that it will cost us, PLEASE STOP PLANNING FOR IT!

Instead, please can we at least vote for or against it?! Can we have
other choices of how to spend $30,000,000+++ dollars that we don't
have instead?!

Regardless of the $20 Million promised for this library, another $30+
Million is a lot of money. All this promise of $20 Million is doing is
causing chaos and poor planning. If Arriallaga really cares about
Menlo Park, he will extend his offer so that proper assessment can be
done first. If all Arriallaga cares about is getting his name on
another city building, then he may withdraw his offer but so what!
Then we can plan and prepare for a new library in an appropriate time
line and can consider other more critical ways to spend $30 Million
dollars that we don't have.

Thank you for reading.

Dana Gleason
123 Haight St, MP
Received on Mon May 21 2018 - 19:22:50 PDT

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