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Library input

From: S Conrad <"S>
Date: Mon, 21 May 2018 00:21:00 -0700

Dear Menlo Park City Council Members,


Thank you for requesting input from the community regarding the opportunity
to build a new library in Burgess Park and Belle Haven. I fully support the
program to evaluate both Menlo Park libraries and move ahead with plans to
redesign and rebuild the libraries and accept funding from John Arrillaga
for the Burgess Park Library Location. I support this for the following


. A great, modern library can be used by all members of the
community. This is a place where seniors, children, teenagers and adults
all come together to learn new things, to meet and to be inspired. It would
be wonderful to have a world class library in our city where this type of
communication, community and learning could occur.


. John Arrillaga is a proven partner and a wonderful person to have
involved in a project. The Burgess Gym and Burgess Community Center is a
stunning and functional facility. This facility was built with a great
design and lasting, attractive materials. It was also built in a reasonable
timeframe. It still looks fantastic several years later as do many of the
Arrillaga's facilities on the Stanford Campus. It seems completely
reasonable to expect Mr. Arrillaga to bring his extensive expertise to this
new project and produce a similar quality of construction and timeframe to


. If this project is not done now, it most likely will not be able
to be completed anytime in the short term. The additional money needed to
complete the project will most likely render it unreasonable.


This is a wonderful opportunity for Menlo Park. I hope that our community
will be able to benefit from this incredible and generous offer.


Shari Conrad

1031 Del Norte Ave

Menlo Park
Received on Mon May 21 2018 - 00:22:16 PDT

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