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** Greenheart Support for The Guild

From: domainremoved <Bob>
Date: Sun, 20 May 2018 10:16:24 -0700

As the developer of Station 1300, Steve Pierce and I would like
​to strongly ​
endorse the Guild Theater development proposal that is being
 by the
​City Council
​May 22nd
. The developer of the Guild Theater has spent time with both
​Steve and myself
 explaining in detail their development concept. We believe this would be
 asset for Menlo Park and provide the type of revitalization hoped for in
the Downtown Specific Plan. The plan envisioned for the Guild Theater
would provide an entertainment opportunity rarely seen in cities of Menlo
Park's size. Menlo Park's residents now have to travel to San Francisco,
Oakland or downtown San Jose to see the kind of entertainment being
proposed by the Guild.
​Station 1300 is a short 1/4 of mile away the proposed Guild Theater
development and we believe our residents who live at S1300 as well as those
who work in the S1300 offices will benefit greatly from the ability to
easily walk to the Guild to enjoy the night time entertainment

​that will be offered.​

Steve and I urge the
​City Council
 of the Guild Theater development plan.


*Bob Burke*
*Greenheart Land Company*
Received on Sun May 20 2018 - 10:18:01 PDT

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