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Proposal for an office building on Middlefield next to Willow Road

From: domainremoved <Gigi>
Date: Mon, 14 May 2018 07:35:55 -0700


I live in the Willows on Lexington Drive, very close to the proposed office building. I shop at Willow market on a regular basis. As it is currently, there is not enough parking for Willow Market. The congestion on Middlefield at this location is horrible especially in the morning and evening commute hours. It can be difficult during those times to make a left into the market. The alley behind the lot is not well marked and people often go the wrong way down the alley.

I understand that the developers are asking to reduce the required number of parking spaces and to add an additional entrance on Middlefield. This is going to make a bad traffic situation much worse.

I also understand that they intend to build a wall between the office building and the Willows Market and reduce the size of the alley. This is very likely to result in injuries to pedestrians and likely to kids going to and from the preschool. Any design for that lot needs to take into account the existing market, preschool and neighbors that need to park on the alley.

Please require that the developers create a different entrance to the building and that they include the required amount of parking. There needs to be adequate space to allow deliveries at the market, to allow safe entrance and exit to the preschool, and enough parking to keep office tenants form parking on the streets in the neighborhood. I can see no basis for reducing the amount of required parking.

I wish I could attend the meeting today but I have a prior commitment and am unable to do so. Please assure the the developer takes into account the issues that are being raised by the neighborhood.

Thank you.

Gigi Babcock
307 Lexington Drive, Menlo Park
Received on Mon May 14 2018 - 07:37:09 PDT

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