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40 Middlefield Project - Complicating the existing Parking Issues

From: domainremoved <Lauri>
Date: Fri, 11 May 2018 10:10:01 -0700

I understand that the Planning Department just evaluates whether a project
meets all the basic requirements of the city. But I think it's important to
understand that when the Willows Market was built, it probably had to meet
city requirements, too. I believe the market was built in the 50s and, due
to Nick Sharma's expertise, the market has been much more successful and
has more customers than either of the two previous owners.

The increase in customers and traffic in the area has had a significant
impact on the immediate area and the market has been using the 40
Middlefield lot for the last few years as overflow parking. When the lot is
fenced and closed, the market customers use the service road for overflow
parking (despite the Planning Department indicating that parking is not
allowed along the service road, it is not marked) in addition to the short
stretch of street between Woodland and the market driveway.

By building on the 40 Middlefield lot, there will effectively be a loss of
5-7 parking spaces by eliminating parking spaces on the street and in the
service road. That will push the customers of the market into the
neighborhood and cause much more illegal parking.

The length of my property runs along the service road and our parking area
is on our property but adjacent and accessible from the service road. We
frequently are double parked into our parking area by both market and
preschool customers when there are no spaces available in the market
parking lot. People would rather park illegally than walk from the nearby
neighborhood streets.

I understand that the parking situation is not the fault of the market, the
preschool or the developers who want to build on 40 Middlefield, but the
parking situation will become intolerable with the elimination of the
current 'unofficial' spaces and then the situation will be the fault of the

Why would the city approve a project that will immediately cause more
parking chaos in the immediate vicinity?

I am attaching just a few example pictures of the parking situation
currently. The first picture shows a car double parked next to our parking
area blocking us in while a car tries to pass and cars parked in the 40
Middlefield lot this last Monday evening. Also, there are links to more
pictures including a shot of a truck backed up to the market dock showing
the space a semi needs to back up to the market's dock.​

Lauri Hart
111 Baywood Ave.

(image/jpeg attachment: IMG_0495.JPG)

(image/jpeg attachment: IMG_0494.JPG)

Received on Fri May 11 2018 - 10:12:00 PDT

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