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new crime fighting tool

From: domainremoved <chelsea>
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2018 13:30:49 -0700

Dear Detective Alcaraz,
   I offer for your consideration a new crime fighting tool that combines
the technology of shamanism with the polygraph.

It does not matter if anyone understands how the human body knows the truth
of when a statute of the law was broken and the time frame it took place,
in the same way it does not matter if we understand how the Universe manifested
life on earth in the first place before we take right action to defend life

I have developed psychic gifts as a result of healing from repressed
trauma. I have also studied shamanism with the same mentor for over 12
years. I figured out that when a person pairs muscle-testing with the
correct use of language on a polygraph, the human body can give you any
information about the facts of the material realm.

I am living with my parents in Menlo Park after being run out of Portland;
the Portland mayor is participating in a human trafficking ring and I have
reported him to the police and FBI. Interim Chief David Bertini has been
stalking and interfering with my relationship to some of the faculty at the
National University of Natural Medicine, who I have requested to organize
to receive my lectures laying the foundation for mental health in right
relationship to this powerful new fact-checking tool.

I was psychically attacked by an old man in 2017, and I developed
recognition of his chi with his repeated attacks; when a person psychically
attacks me, they leak information through chi about why they are
attacking. I learned that this man, who I have nicknamed, "Sand" has
engaged in surveillance abuse upon my family for most my life, and he is a
pedophile. Because you do not know his identity, you can skip the envelope
method and just use the nickname, like, "Body, the truth is the man Chelsea
Wright nicknamed 'Sand' has committed sexual abuse upon a child under the
age of 8 years old (state CA penal code) between the years 1970 and 2017."

The opportunity for the Menlo Park City Council to organize a lecture on
the Law of the Material Realm for anyone who has not violated the Decency
Code 2.5 upon me to attend remains open. Police officers who violate the
Decency Code upon me as required by their job duties are allowed some
exceptions as long as what they informed themselves with about my personal
life remains in the realm of decency.

Respectfully yours,
Chelsea Wright

"Chemistry and math are God's poetry."
"Responsibility lives in the present, blame points to the past."
Chelsea Wright, owner
Catalyst Healing Arts
200 Northeast 20th Avenue, Suite #220
www.catalysthealingarts.net <http://www.catalysthealingart.net>

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Received on Fri Apr 20 2018 - 13:32:35 PDT

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