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dangerous situation yesterday in the Willows

From: domainremoved <Susu>
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2018 15:57:44 +0000 (UTC)

Dear City Council,
There was at least one high speed chase (I believe there was a another hours later as neighbors heard more sirens and racing cars on Marmona) through our section of the Willows yesterday (on Friday 3/30).  Here's the post from Nextdoor below.  Schools were out (teacher training day) and there were so many kids out in the neighborhood on bikes and scooters and people were walking dogs enjoying the 80 degree day.  My 6 and 7 yr old boys were walking along Marmona with a young sitter doing a scavenger hunt right around this time.  
If we had Clover Lane blocked off + yield sign at Baywood & Blackburn + speed humps (per my petition), it would greatly improve the safety of all the kids (and adults!) in the neighborhood.  That intersection of Blackburn & Baywood is an accident waiting to happen.  Kids could have died yesterday.
FYI - a neighbor "Judee Humburg" (I don't know her) just mailed her survey yesterday... I hope the city is waiting for all surveys to come in as it's going to be close.  I now realize how difficult this entire NTMP process is (so much work from start to finish for an entire year) ... and the nearly impossible mail-in survey system at the end.  While we have over a 4:1 ratio of "supporters" to "non-supporters", not enough people take the time to mail in surveys.  So much work has gone into this effort and it's going to be very close; it's frustrating.
News from Nextdoor:
"Two males jumped out of their car on Laurel heading towards 101. Please be careful and on alert. The police are in pursuit on foot."
"Thank goodness (that they were caught)! All I know is they turned off Willow onto Clover, floored it, then did a u-turn around our house (left onto Baywood, then left onto Blackburn going towards Willow Rd). Their tires were squealing and smoking the whole way. Our family ran out the front door just as they were barreling in front of our house. I watched a young teenager on his bike turn left from Marmona/Blackburn onto Baywood moments after and thought, 'Thank God he didn't leave his house 30 seconds earlier'. He would have been directly in that car's path! I'm so glad they caught these guys! And so very thankful no one was hurt!"  Jenn Shoup

If this petition doesn't pass, I urge you to take matters into your own hands.  You know it's an ongoing dangerous situation with our neighborhood streets filled with kids of all ages.  We have been raising this issue vocally and in writing for over a year now.  If no traffic calming measures are installed, a future tragedy is not going to look good for the city.
Susu RibaudoResident and Parent in what used to be the quiet Willows neighborhood

Received on Sat Mar 31 2018 - 09:00:00 PDT

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