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Facebook Study Session tonight

From: domainremoved <Patti>
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2018 11:10:03 -0700

Dear Council:

I encourage you to discuss the big picture tonight rather than on the
architectural details and plan layout. Some topics to consider are
consistency with the ConnectMenlo General Plan update, impacts on housing
shortage, jobs:housing ratio, school impacts.

First, however are a couple procedural questions:
a. Shouldn't this topic be discussed when all council members who are
eligible to weigh in can do so? With Councilmember Kirsten Keith absent,
1/4 of the eligible voices is missing.

b. Why aren't the public comments referenced as Attachment E available in
the staff report? Kyle has provided them to me this morning but, the public
may not have had the chance to read them.

CONSISTENCY WITH GENERAL PLAN - The ConnectMenlo General Plan update
freshly approved less than 18 months ago. How does this project compare,
and what does that mean to the future of the plan that is supposed to guide
our town through 2040. For reference is this portion regarding the the
Maximum 2040 Buildout in Belle Haven:

Examples to consider:
1. The General Plan maximum buildout for the Office District is 1,285,000
net new SF. This project contains 2,046,500 gross SF, or 1,046,500 net SF.
That leaves 238,500 net SF for all other parcels zoned as Office District
through 2040.

2. The General Plan assumes 8,900 net new employees for the entire Bayfront
area by 2040. What is the approximate net new employee count for this
project? Current uses (as of the time of the ConnectMenlo EIR) were low
worker-density warehouse, R&D, light manufacturing.

3. The current housing shortage is causing displacement, particularly in
the Belle Haven area, and more traffic congestion from commuters who must
live elsewhere. This project site is zoned to allow 1,777 units. The
project proposes 1,500 units, 277 fewer units than it could provide. This
is one of the largest R-MU sites, and its total means that other sites
would be expected to provide the remaining projected 3,150 units (of total
4,650 units). If the largest employer won't supply what the zoning allows,
who would?

4. What is the projected jobs:housing ratio for this project? A rough
estimate should be sufficient for the study session. The General Plan
assumed that the ratio for net new development in all of Belle Haven would
be 1.91 (8,900 new employees and 4,650 new housing units). With 1,500
housing units proposed, that would mean 2,871 net employees just to equal
that ratio on this site. How does that compare with the answer to question
It would be reasonable to think that the ratio of housing would be higher
in R-MU-zoned areas, meaning that the jobs:housing ratio would be less than
1.91 to make up for other zoning districts that do not allow housing.
If there is a disparity between homes provided and new demand, the Office
space should be phased so that it is approved incrementally commensurate
with availability of local housing to support the increments, and in ratios
that support the spirit and intent of the General Plan.

SCHOOL IMPACTS Residents throughout Menlo Park are concerned about school
impacts. If Menlo Park's housing shortage and jobs:housing ratio continue
to worsen, and if state law proposals are enacted, the city might not have
the power to determine how much and where housing could be built. How does
this project, increasing demand for housing, fit within that potential

TRAFFIC Traffic congestion is another major concern throughout Menlo Park.
This project proposes contains 5,319 parking spaces, a net increase of
3,019 new spaces. Why so many? What is the rough estimate number of new
daily trips and how much of that was anticipated in the General Plan update?

What is the potential VMT for this project area? If the majority of new
employees need to commute, then VMT would head the wrong direction. An
overall trip cap over all Facebook sites might help the city manage traffic
impacts and ensure that there is the best possible adherence to trip

Thanks for your consideration during the study session.


(image/png attachment: image.png)

Received on Tue Mar 27 2018 - 11:12:40 PDT

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