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Please follow Advisory Committee's Recommendation to Adopt the Five-District Map

From: domainremoved <Lynne>
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2018 11:54:50 -0700

Hello Council,

I am unable to attend tonight's special meeting due to instead going to a
fund-raiser associated with the general goal of increasing diversity in the
political process. So I write.

First, thank you for giving the Menlo Park public a clear seat at the
decision-making table by voting to create the Advisory Districting
Committee. When the public has a meaningful role in MP's governance, they
will come forward -- as evidenced by the 29+ people who applied to serve!
The Committee's careful work has resulted in well-thought out maps.

With all that, I agree with the Advisory Districting Committee's
recommendation that MP adopt the five-district map.

On a related note, I point out that all Council members have had at least
two four-year terms, with Councilmember Cline even serving his third term!
While these new maps may impact your personal political ambitions to run
for another term, please consider the double standard (of sorts) that
applies to your role -- but not to the public serving on MP's

In short, term limits apply to the public but not Council. That's because
members of the public serving on MP's advisory commissions/committees are
limited to two consecutive terms (of either 4 or 3 years, to allow for
staggered ending dates on the commission/committee). After the two
consecutive terms, the person serving must be off the commission/committee
for at least one year before applying to serve again.

The term limits for commissioners/committee members are a good idea. They
foster more public involvement in Menlo Park and help limit influence by
special interests. When more serve, we see fresh ideas and fresh
approaches. Even the chairs and vice chairs of these committees/commissions
must change every year (City Council Policy CC-01-004), which further
limits the potential build up of individual power! We don't want to
institutionalize any one person's power in Menlo Park. There are many other
reasons why term limits have been adopted for the MP Commissions and
Committees, and in other municipalities and governing entities. Even our
U.S. President is restricted by term limits!

While I appreciate your service, I do not want to see a form of
"professional politicians" in Menlo Park. For such a small city, we need
diversity through change in those serving. Thus, I even request that you
consider giving yourselves personal limits of two terms.

Again, current Council members have already had the length of terms that
the public is limited to. So, I hope that you can consider the new maps
positively for their benefit to Menlo Park overall.

Sincerely, Lynne Bramlett
Received on Wed Mar 21 2018 - 11:57:01 PDT

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