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Is MP destined to become like Redwood City?

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Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2018 12:38:33 -0800

First there is one, then two, then four... and more!
This is a copy of a posting from a resident in Redwood City posted on next-door.com. This is verbatim. I am worried that Menlo Park will soon be like Redwood City. Nothing is done to get rid of the bums here either!

I live on Linden Street in RWC, and have now for about 4 years. Things have progressively gotten worse, and the police haven't been of much assistance as from what they told me the last time "being homeless isn't a crime" ...!!

But here are the biggest issues that I want to know how to address with the city, city council and or police department.

1. The garbage, there is just so much trash being thrown all over the street from not only the homeless but from people using the back fence of St. Vincent De Paul as a dumping ground

2. The homeless, it was at one point just one or two people and though a bit off they were seemingly harmless, but its been really bad the last few months - there have been so many more, and this time they take up camp on discarded mattresses and bedding again left at the gates of the St. Vincent De Paul

3. The defecation, its beyond disgusting - the smells have been horrible, and though I have caught a few using the bushes and behind fences as their own personal toilet its all too late before I can snap a photo share with police

4. Safety, this has become an issue as of recent since now the homeless have started to threaten people, walking our dogs is no longer safe because they've even made threats against them

5. The drinking in public, this is what and where I am a bit baffled by the police department - these homeless have multiple bottles all over the place some empty some full - but yet, they're not being fined or ticketed, not to mention they're throwing glass bottles in the street, on sidewalks and curbs - making walking our 4 legged friends even more difficult

I want to make mention, that myself and another neighbor have been actively notifying the police & city department about the garbage that's been piling up in which they typically will send out a truck to pick it up, but now that most items are now being used and slept on, the city isn't touching them.

I should also mention, that I DO NOT have an issue with someone being really homeless, its the bay area rent is astronomical etc., but these are just plain BUMS and what I do have an issue with is the way the city has allowed them to set up camps, allowed them to defecate, drink and smoke all in public with CHILDREN around no less.

Again, any advice on who to reach out to would be greatly appreciated.

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