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crossing at Linfield

From: domainremoved <Karen>
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2018 15:36:12 -0800

Dear City MP Council members:

I write to express my strong opinion that the crosswalk at Middlefield and Linfield needs improvement, urgently. I use this crosswalk with frequency, perhaps three times per week, mostly as a pedestrian. It is *outrageously* dangerous, even with the crosswalk ground lights that were installed a few years ago.

In fact, on one occasion about a year ago, I started across the street, carefully making sure that the cars had stopped in both directions after I pushed the crosswalk button and the lights came on. However, a northbound car, SECOND in line, did not have a good view of the crosswalk and so did not anticipate that the car in front of him would stop for a pedestrian (me)—and therefore crashed into that first car, knocking him into the crosswalk. If I had been further along my way into the crosswalk, that first car (the one who DID see and stop for me), would have mowed me down. A member of the MP Fire Department witnessed the whole event—and told me, as I walked away, that this sort of thing happens “all the time” at this very dangerous crosswalk.

To my mind, this is entirely unacceptable. It is naive to think that the current setup at that intersection is sufficient; it is a disaster waiting to happen. A more visible light, hanging from above and triggered by pedestrians or children waiting to cross on bikes, would be a MUCH safer solution without holding up traffic the way a timed light would.

I would like to see the City Council do the right thing and prioritize this issue.


Karen Iyer
Menlo Park resident
Received on Sun Jan 21 2018 - 15:39:34 PST

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