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crime victim rights in Menlo Park

From: domainremoved <Chelsea>
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2017 15:46:10 -0800

Dear Menlo Park City Council,

    I would like to bring to your attention that nefarious individuals have
plans for Menlo Park that you may not approve of. For example, the wife of
the Secretary of Treasury, Ms. Louise Linton, may have made it her personal
goal to have crime victim rights stomped on in Menlo Park. There are a
great many people who aspire to dominate upon the social ladder of
hierarchy, and find that siding with bullies that pick on vulnerable
populations makes them "in" with the popular crowed. Some things don't
change from when we were in grade school, and the kids who wanted to be
popular bullied and teased others. In adulthood, these crimes become
intensified to include more severe harassment, such as violence, stalking,
abuse, and theft.

    I ask you to please look into the issue of surveillance abuse upon the
citizens of Menlo Park, and possibility of filing a civil lawsuit to defend
the people of Menlo Park from this type of harassment. The man I have
given the nickname, "Mr. Bland," seems to believe he owns Menlo Park
through his distribution of surveillance abuse products on the black market.

    I have submitted information about a crime fighting tool to the chief
of Menlo Park, who I now understand to be a trustworthy individual. In
July, there was a mix-up on my part in which I was confused by CIA Director
Mike Pompeo psyching me out that he had recruited Chief Robert Jonsen to
sanction commercialized sexual violence. I am grateful to realize that I
was mistaken.

   There has been made a scientific discovery which will allow law
enforcement officers to locate missing persons in less than 10 minutes!
This means the imminent end to commercialized child abuse and human
trafficking in the United States. The locating technology works through
using educated guess and a process of elimination to zero in on the
geographical coordinates of any person off the grid, away from their cells
phones or computers or any electronic devices, and it works for locating
dead people too.

    This technology can be used for a preliminary screen as to whether or
not a statue of man’s law has been broken—although each person is innocent
until proven guilty in the court of law, an alleged crime can be identified
through muscle-testing on a lie-detector machine, as the human body knows
every statute of man’s law and the time frame in which these laws were

    The shortest explanation I can give on how this technology works is
that the human body has an awareness of everything on this plane of
existence, simply because it is the physical body’s job to know the facts
of material existence, in order to navigate through time and space, the
human body must know its surroundings.
   The introduction of the locating technology to Congress as I lobbied for
over 8 months to outlaw biofeedback stalking has earned me the wrath of
evil-doers. Senator Feinstein and Senator Harris are likely to lose their
careers if this technology is brought forward into the public arena, as
refusing to advocate for a crime-fighting tool to be used to locate missing
children and outlawed from being used to stalk people throughout their
daily activities is not only an act of negligence, but a crime of
obstruction to justice.

   There is no such thing as "surveillance privilege," only surveillance
responsibility. I had psycho-therapy sessions with Dr. Barbara Ballinger
once a week for about six months earlier this year, to receive treatment
for what I suspected was paranoia about being under surveillance; I was
confused due to symptoms of trauma, and uncertain about what level of
surveillance I was under. I left my cell phone at home for every session
except one in which I forgot to take it out of my purse. I requested that
Dr. Ballinger remove her cell phone from the room and place it in the
adjoining bathroom, in order to help me feel safe, because I needed that to
be able to relax and open up to her. Later in the year, I realized that my
sessions with her had been wiretapped or bugged, and the recordings had
been shared with individuals that were not employees of the United States
government. This is unacceptable.

   I am interested in filing a police report for stolen property, because
my intellectual property was indeed stolen, which was my descriptions of
how I was healing from trauma and my survival strategies. I am a
professional healer who has studied spiritual medicine with a shaman for
over 12 years, and the healing strategies I confided to Dr. Ballinger while
we discussed the option of medication or meditation are worth money to me,
as that is my medicine bag.

   Menlo Park is a very magical place. I am grateful and proud to be born
and raised here, and to seek solace at my parent's house while I advocate
for all people in this nation to receive the service of protection and
defense provided by federal law enforcement.

Respectfully yours,
Chelsea Wright
Received on Thu Dec 14 2017 - 15:50:14 PST

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