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Dangerous Intersection — Live Oak @ El Camino

From: domainremoved <Evan>
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2017 15:03:23 -0800

Hi all,

I write to you to urge you to make my neighborhood safer — we have a
dangerous intersection nearby that desperately needs a change.

Live Oak Ave ends at El Camino (see Google Street View
forcing all cars to take a right turn. Often, due to light timing, the
steady stream of cars can last upwards of a minute. Pedestrians moving
north along El Camino at that intersection are put into a very dangerous
situation, while cars are present and waiting to turn.

Because of the long timing to wait for a break in traffic, drivers
repeatedly do not bother to turn their head back to the right before
accelerating onto El Camino. It’s the law and common sense to do this, but
I’d estimate 30% of drivers fail to look back to the right. Knowing this, I
slow my pace way down when I see drivers turning here — to ensure I have
their attention before crossing. This is very difficult, with their heads
turned northward, and coming from the south.

This morning, I was in this situation once again, and stepped next to the
car to try to get the drivers attention. Slowly moving closer into his
view, I almost stepped in front of his car while waving — when suddenly
traffic cleared and he, of course, hit the gas without looking right, even
as his small children screamed at him. I jumped backward to avoid getting
hit. The driver was fairly traumatized as well, and didn’t move his car
further until honking cars forced him.

Someone who doesn’t know this intersection well and/or moves much slower
than I is going to be hit by a car. You can rectify this situation in a
number of ways:

1) Add a merge lane. You’ll notice that this is the place where El Camino
goes from 2 lanes to 3. You could add a merge so that cars don’t have to
wait, and enter El Camino without delay when at this intersection.

2) Add a crosswalk and a “watch for pedestrians” sign. This would more
clearly remind drivers that they should be aware pedestrians are crossing.

3) Much like near the Library and Ravenswood, you could add lighted signals
that would light up when pedestrians are crossing.

4) Add a stop light (this seems like a bad idea, but it would largely solve
the problem).

All of this options are surely mess less than the cost and trauma of a
pedestrian injury. This is surely an issue at similar El Camino
intersections. I urge you to check it out. You could even park at Starbucks
and walk over to your next Council Chambers meeting to get a feel of the
situation :)


- Evan Goldin

Roble Ave

(image/png attachment: 601_Live_Oak_Ave_-_Google_Maps.png)

Received on Wed Dec 13 2017 - 15:10:46 PST

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