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Tonight's Council Meeting and Traffic Measures

From: domainremoved <Sarah>
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2017 10:41:45 -0800

Hi City Council

I am a resident of Menlo Park and the Willows. I cannot attend the meeting
tonight. I thank you all for putting the Willows traffic issue on the
agenda and wanted to send some written comments to the proposal.

Again, thank you for bringing this up for discussion. I think the report
that was pulled together by the city is very helpful. I would like to
remind all of you that this is just a START. We have waited far too long as
a city to address what is a growing problem. Menlo Park, along with many
other cities in the Peninsula, has been very eager to accept new corporate
development but did not adequately plan for what this development would

Now, we are in the midst of a terrible, terrible traffic situation that is
a result of many of these local development/partnership decisions and
action must be taken. Menlo Park needs to work with the other towns, mainly
Palo Alto to start, as well as CalTrans as well as the employers in the
area. This is not a tenable situation for anyone.

Even the small steps you are taking to fix some of the problems - its just
a start. With apps like Waze (much national press on the problems all towns
are facing from these apps), drivers will find alternate routes. You MUST
work to fix the bigger problem - you don't have adequate infrastructure for
all the commuters coming in and out of what used to be small, suburban
towns. Willow does need to be widened or consider one way in the evening
and this needs to be done in conjunction with Palo Alto making changes to
University, Cal Trans making changing to the Dumbarton and Menlo Park also
looking at Marsh. We must get smart. This is Silicon Valley and your
constituents expect you all to represent us and think big - plan and take
action. Employers in this area want a fix as well.

I support the temporary changes you are enacting but there has to be
enforcement of all these restrictions. And we must be flexible - if Gilbert
becomes a mess, we will need a fix there. Etc., etc.

Menlo Park has waited far too long to take any action and now things are a
mess. Put pressure on Cal Trans.They have a terrible track record of
finishing their projects on time - don't let this be another one. Willow
Road is too main an artery for this area to watch construction trucks sit
idle for days.

We are in the heart of the most innovative area in the world. We can do
this - you can do this. There is a bigger change going on here - help this
area remain vibrant by thinking to the future. If you can't, your residents
will happily find representatives who will.


Sarah Reilly
Received on Tue Dec 05 2017 - 10:46:00 PST

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