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From: domainremoved <Barrett>
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2017 15:28:47 -0800

Dear Council,

Thank you for the hard work you do. I am writing because I am unable to attend the hearings this evening on the libraries.

We received a survey call at home on Sunday evening, from I the city, or the city’s consultant, on our opinions about the upcoming decisions on city/library priorities. The survey was so blatantly skewed to get a certain result and eliminate the possibilities of alternate opinions it was an exercise in manipulation, and political hijinks. There was simply no way to state that a resident might not want a new library at the main, but might want one for Belle Haven. There were questions so clearly meant to create “data” to support someones agenda-but who’s? As residents in Menlo Park-it seems our money should not be spent to advance agendas we do not agree with.

I participated in many of the visioning meetings and all other meeting with dreamy names meant to appear inclusive, and as if someone was listening. The overwhelming opinions of participants weighed in with issues-none wanted a new main library- many wanted improved service for Bell Haven. Why did any of us participate? I know you all have copies of those reports.

The library commission has been recommending a library for Bell Haven, no-one appears to care what the library commission is recommending. The library director is on record as saying that Belle Haven does not need a library as “They don’t use it”. “They” probably don’t use it because it’s pathetic. It's appalling that anyone who has seen the Bell Haven Library could even call it a library. Do we call 7/11 a grocery store? I went there recently to see for myself and there are 250 books on the shelf in English for adults and 200 in Spanish. The library is closed at all but the worst times for anyone with a job, young children or a community college schedule.

I teach English to women on Monday nights. Most are from Menlo Park. I ask all of them to get a library card at the beginning of each session. They all go to Redwood City Library because it wants them, respects them and makes it possible for them with their schedules.

If you have not gone to the Belle Haven “Library” please go see for yourself.


Barrett Moore
648 College Ave
Received on Mon Dec 04 2017 - 15:33:10 PST

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