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Re: New Library?

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Date: Sun, 3 Dec 2017 22:53:25 +0000 (UTC)

Here's a response to your recent community email regarding our MP Library. You ask the basic question on this issue..."Do we need a new library?"
I say absolutely NOT, for the following reasons:
   - Libraries are transitioning into community meeting spaces more than a building with book/media shelves.
   - Digital media, access to resources/books requires technology upgrades, which are independent of floor area expansion.

   - MP population has been "stable" around 30K for 30 years (??)...I don't see massive growth leading to new "Needs".
   - With 3 college Freshman this year I have toured plenty of University libraries...and nothing in this project aligns to what a myriad of professional librarians say is the future of a library. (I do understand the different focus of a public library but the trends apply to the youth, eventual users of a new library.)
   - Library plans mixed with "housing" plans is just confusing the issue...and why is MP going to be a landlord?

   - Which plan will come first?  Ravenswood (supported by unreliable Caltrain engineering, timing, funding efforts) or Library?

I think it is wonderful for Arriallga to jointly offer funding for City projects, IF they are a priority. I do not consider this project, the associated costs, the eventual overhead a necessity by any stretch of the imagination.


Russ PetersonFelton Gables

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 Subject: New Library?
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