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Traffic in the Willows

From: domainremoved <Susan>
Date: Sat, 02 Dec 2017 11:05:15 -0800

Hello MP Council Members,

I have lived on O’Keefe St. in MP since 1990, and traffic - especially speed of traffic on O’Keefe - has always been an issue. (I was involved in a traffic study for the Willows in the late 90s that led to small mitigation measures.)

I have seen nothing before like the traffic we’re experiencing in our part of the Willows today. Work on the 101 interchange has put us over the top in terms of disruption. There are days when I’ve sat in stand-still traffic in my block of O’Keefe (Laurel to Willow), waiting for a half an hour just to pull into my driveway.

I respectfully request that the Council address this untenable situation. I am surprised - and displeased - that no mitigation measures were taken prior to the construction.

What will you do to address the cut-through traffic in the Willows? How can I help?

Susan Austin
403 O’Keefe St.
Received on Sat Dec 02 2017 - 11:09:35 PST

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