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Re: 500 El Camino Real - Safe Routes Considerations

From: domainremoved <Jennifer>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2017 17:58:22 -0700

Hello again,

I want to clarify the email I just sent. My comment of "from what I've been
hearing" about the dark/low undercrossing is completely unsubstantiated and
based on murmurs around town. I have no idea if it is the case. I attended
the community meeting where the consultants presented an undercrossing that
was much like Homer (well-lit, short, etc.). This would be lovely. My
concern comes from whether there is new information available that has
fundamentally changed what the undercrossing would look/feel like. If
anything, I would love for Council to seek clarifying information about
this. With that information, a well-thought out decision/recommendation
could be made.

Thank you again,
Jen Wolosin

On Mon, Sep 25, 2017 at 5:37 PM, Jennifer Wolosin <jenwolosin_at_(domainremoved)

> Dear City Council Members (and Stanford),
> I am writing to give input on the 500 El Camino Real project from a Safe
> Routes perspective. While it is great that a railroad crossing is planned
> and a thorough improvement to bike travel on Middle is anticipated*, we
> must not forget about the bicyclist experience at the development itself.
> Many are touting the crossing/Middle improvements as a Safe Route for
> Hillview kids (and others). For this to be a reality, kids must have a safe
> way of navigating through the property itself. Dodging cars and/or riding
> on sidewalks is not acceptable. Please do not overlook this important
> aspect in the design.
> I would also like to echo Menlo Park Complete Streets Commissioner, Lydia
> Lee's, well-written comments about a potential bike/ped path along the
> backside of the project. While this is not a requirement per the Downtown
> Specific Plan, to Lydia's points, the alternatives for cyclists are bleak.
> Stanford takes great care in developing fabulous biking facilities on its
> campus, please consider replicating these efforts at 500 El Camino.
> Furthermore, while the feedback given at the last community meeting for
> this project indicated a preference for an undercrossing (much like that at
> Homer in Palo Alto), from what I've been hearing, an actual undercrossing
> at Middle could be longer, darker, lower and less desirable than that at
> Homer. If this is indeed true, it calls into question how safe the
> undercrossing would be for kids. I have also heard discussions about an
> overcrossing that would potentially have even longer ramps than that at
> Ringwood and Hwy 101, thus making it a very cumbersome and unlikely (not to
> mention unattractive) crossing for many. Because of the uncertainties of
> whether we'll have an overcrossing or an undercrossing, and where it could
> eventually be located, we must build flexibility into the project so that a
> multitude of crossing locations could possibly be considered in the future.
> The bike/ped path along the back of the project would give us this
> adaptability. Without it, we greatly limit our future possibilities.
> I urge you to consider these Safe Routes-related issues vis-a-vis this
> project.
> Sincerely,
> Jen Wolosin
> P.S. *With regards to Middle Ave., it goes without saying that Parents for
> Safe Routes believes only a Class II bike lane (not Class III) would be
> acceptable. We are looking forward to the community engagement process on
> this to make it a reality.
> --
> *Jen Wolosin*
> Parents for Safe Routes
> www.parents4saferoutes.org
> jenwolosin_at_(domainremoved)
> 415.710.5838 <(415)%20710-5838>

*Jen Wolosin*
Parents for Safe Routes
Received on Mon Sep 25 2017 - 18:03:45 PDT

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