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Fwd: [parents4saferoutes] 4 (Yes, 4!!!) Child-Related Bicycle Accidents This Week in Menlo Park

From: domainremoved <Jennifer>
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2017 09:12:06 -0700

Dear City Council Members,

Please see the email below that I just sent to our mailing list. I'm very
concerned about the rate of child/bike-related incidents that are
occurring. You must do everything you can to expedite all Safe
Routes-related initiatives.

Thank you,
Jen Wolosin

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From: Parents for Safe Routes <parents4saferoutes_at_(domainremoved)
Date: Thu, Sep 14, 2017 at 9:08 AM
Subject: [parents4saferoutes] 4 (Yes, 4!!!) Child-Related Bicycle Accidents
This Week in Menlo Park
To: Parents for Safe Routes <parents4saferoutes_at_(domainremoved)

We're at a Fork in the Road - Which Way Will We Go?

*The City of Menlo Park experienced four** child-related cycling incidents
in the past week*. Yes, *four* (that we know about).

   - 9/5 - 3:20pm, Case # 17-2794 - 12 year old turning left from Middle
   onto Arbor broadsided. Minor injury reported.
   - 9/6 - Approx 8am - Case # 17-2905 - Middle school child doored on
   Olive before Santa Cruz. Fractured collar bone.
   - 9/11 - 3:34pm - Case # 17-2878 - Crossing Santa Cruz at Oakdell.
   Middle school child turning onto Oakdell and car leaving Oakdell turning
   left on Santa Cruz collided. Child with scrapes and bruises.
   - 9/12 - Approx 5pm - Case # 17-2897 - Middle school child riding on
   sidewalk hit while attempting to cross Middle Ave. on El Camino Real. Minor
   injury (hurt wrist).

Thankfully, none of the above accidents resulted in serious,
life-threatening physical injury.

Is this rate of collision typical for the start of the school season? Are
there more of these incidents occurring that are left unreported? How many
near misses are experienced every day? At what point do we say, as a
community, "enough!"?

NOW is the time to get serious about Safe Routes. Parents, neighbors,
community leaders, business owners, schools, police, fire, everyone, must
come together to make our streets safe for children. We must work together
to engineer Safe Routes, educate ourselves and our children and enforce
(both via the police and ourselves) traffic rules. We can do this!

Parents for Safe Routes is here to help lead, but we need YOU.

Please come to our talk on *September 19th at 6:30pm at Hillview *(details
below) to learn what you can do to be part of the solution. Please forward
this message to your personal network, post on Facebook, and encourage
those you know to attend. Have folks join our mailing list (https://www.
parents4saferoutes.org/join-us). This is important.

We don't have to accept the status quo. Together, we can make a huge



You are invited to attend the kick-off event of the Menlo Park City School
District (MPCSD) annual speaker series. Jen Wolosin, Founder and Chair of
Parents for Safe Routes, will deliver "Between Home and School: Why Safe
Routes Matter and How to Make Them Happen." Following Jen's talk, there
will be a panel discussion featuring:

- Kirsten Keith, Menlo Park Mayor,
- Bianca Walser, Menlo Park Complete Streets Commission Chair,
- Theresa Vallez-Kelly, San Mateo County Safe Route to School Coordinator,
- Penny Ellson, longtime Palo Alto Safe Routes Parent Champion.

In 1969, 50% of kids nationwide walked or biked to school and enjoyed the
benefits of healthier bodies and minds, increased independence and
confidence, and greater community connectedness. In contrast, just 13% of
American kids walked or biked to school in 2009. If you're tired of driving
your kids less than a mile to school, and/or are worried about traffic and
safety on our streets, come learn how many are advocating for children in
our community to be able to walk and bike to school safely, and be inspired
to join the Safe Routes movement.

- Tuesday, September 19th at 6:30pm
- Hillview Middle School, Performing Arts Center - 1100 Elder Ave., Menlo
Park, CA
- Free and open to the public
- Free onsite childcare (and pizza!) for potty trained children
- Light snacks and beverages provided
*Jen Wolosin*
Founder and Chair
Parents for Safe Routes
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*Jen Wolosin*
Parents for Safe Routes
Received on Thu Sep 14 2017 - 09:17:42 PDT

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