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Curtis "park" and "handicap" curbs

From: domainremoved <lanenonn_at_>
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2017 16:34:01 -0400


I would like to weigh in on the so-called "park" located on Curtis street off Santa Cruz Ave. I live in West Menlo and have been going to the Starbucks on Santa Cruz and Curtis for the last 10 or 12 years, pretty much every day. However, after the so-called "park" was erected and Curtis Street was blocked off I noticed several things. First is that parking became a bit more difficult and traffic patterns were disrupted due to the street blockage. Second was that there began to be a sizable group of apparently homeless who began to gather in the "park." With that cam shopping carts full of belongings, sleeping bags, backpacks and roller-type suitcases which seem to be stored along the sidewalk. The park smells of urine, especially when it gets a bit warm out. Panhandling seems to have increased in that area, as well as the several 911-type calls I have witnessed to deal with passed-out, over-dosed or otherwise incoherent people entrenched in the storefront areas nearby. As such, I have taken my business recently to the coffee shops located on Avy and Alameda or to Sharon Heights, where the environment is much less obtrusive. I would like to return to downtown Menlo Park, but it is currently not the kind of place where I would like to spend my leisure time relaxing, having a cup of coffee, and reading the Daily Post.

I recommend returning Curtis Street to a car-accessible thoroughfare, returning the parking spots which were taken away, and resuming traditional traffic patterns.

The second point I wanted to bring up is the strange obsession to install the yellow "handicap ramps" at street corners throughout Menlo Park. The strangest installation of handicap ramps are off of Oak Grove where there are no formal sidewalks. The walking areas are at street level and are located off both sides of the streets in that part of town. I have recently seen crews building 5 or 6 feet of raised sidewalks near street corners so they could then build a yellow "handicap ramp" at the intersection. So, it appears that one must go up a newly constructed sidewalk ramp in order to go down the newly constructed yellow "handicap ramp" 5 feet away. Everything else near the corners is flat. Why we need these things is anyone's guess. The only thing I can surmise is that there must have been "free federal money" involved to construct these needless ramps, as no on would build them with local tax revenue dollars. I don't believe the folks in Menlo Park would support this if anyone ever talked about it or if it had been up for review.

Just my 2 cents.

Best regards
Lane Nonnenberg
Received on Thu Aug 24 2017 - 13:36:17 PDT

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