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Two questions

From: domainremoved <Eric>
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2017 16:16:18 -0700

A few issues have occurred to me (a resident of MP since 1975), and I would like your opinions:

        1. Internet speed: Except at the Library there are only two options for internet connections for residents of Menlo Park: (a) Comcast cable or (b) AT&T DSL. The first is fast but expensive and requires running cable into the residence; the second is not expensive but is slow, precluding adequate ‘streaming’. Satisfaction with either service, as recorded on internet sites, is low. Since Menlo Park sits in the middle of Silicon Valley, having only these two options seems shameful. Why are there only these two?
        2. Park benches: At the Civic Center there are benches outside the Council Chambers but none elsewhere on the grounds. There are none on the park area to the east of the Library, nor any around the duck pond. Should there not be more? Is it a matter of money? Would a donation help?
        3. Sharon Pond: ‘Keeping Menlo Green’ in general is a good idea, but keeping Sharon Pond water green doesn’t seem appropriate. The water has been green for several months; leaves and pollen are not removed, and frequently debris in the pond or to the side of the walkway may remain for weeks.

Eric Butler M.D.
Received on Fri Jul 21 2017 - 16:19:19 PDT

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