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Fwd: 445 Oak Ct Planning Review

From: domainremoved <striffler>
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2017 00:45:01 +0000

Hi City Council,

I plan to attend tonight's appeal of the substandard lot permit at 445 Oak
Ct. Please find details regarding my position below. See attached email
on May 22, 2017 and the attached letter in August 2016.

I am asking the City Council to send the permit back to planning for
further review because I don't believe the neighbor concerns on this
substandard lot were addressed.

Thank you

Alex Striffler
1485 Woodland

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From: striffler <striffler_at_(domainremoved)
Date: Mon, May 22, 2017 at 3:15 PM
Subject: 445 Oak Ct Planning Review
To: Meador, Kaitlin M <kmmeador_at_(domainremoved)

Dear Planning Commission,

As a direct property neighbor of the proposed development, I recognize that
some development will occur, but I ask the City to put in place protections
to make sure it is appropriate development, executed in good faith.
Unfortunately, the developers next door have not acted in good faith up
until now, which casts a dark shadow of what to expect from them. They
claimed they had plumbing issues in order to force a heritage tree removal,
especially when they are not living at the property, they pushed their back
neighbor to sign a letter supporting the construction when the back
neighbor had not even seen the plans, and finally they have not engaged
with us to collaborate. For example, they propose a "good neighbor" fence,
but not once asked for input from the neighbors on fence design.

Therefore, my concern is that they will begin construction and not adhere
to the construction methods dictated which will then have tangible harm to
the heriitage redwood trees that are several feet away from their proposed
construction, both the fence line and their 3rd house.

Furthermore, I am concerned with the density of the property and the fact
that they have designed 4 parking spots in their back yard (2 in front of
the garage, 1 parallel to the garage between the garage and my house and
the 4th is perpendicular to the driveway in their backyard).

I oppose the permit and request the following:

1. Remove the 4 parking spots down to just two in front of the garage.

2. Drastically reduce the size of the development as directed during the
last meeting. And respond to the compromise proposal discussed during the

3. Push their 3rd house unit away from our property line to maximize the
health of our Heritage Redwood Tree.

4. Extend the "safe zone for the tree" to 30 feet radius.

5. Request a 2nd arborist to provide a consultation, recommending locally
appreciated arborist SP McClenahans, and also to be present during all
construction within that 30 feet. They should have their arborist Mr.
Levison and another arborist such as McClenahans on site at all times,
during house construction and fence construction. Ask the 2nd arborist to
confirm that if the 1485 Woodland Ave owners (us) ever want to install a
secondary unit close to the Redwood, we will still be able to safely for
the tree. Any impacts should be mitigated on the 445 Oak Ct side.

6. Provide temporary portable privacy fencing during construction

7. Remove the fence from the permit, making the permit conditional upon
feedback from neighbors on fence design.

8. Leave all trees to maintain a woodsy atmosphere conducive to

9. Arborist requires all leave droppings to remain in place as mulch (no

10. Documented agreement to take the following tree maintenance steps into
action along the 30' foot tree radius, taking priority over any current 445
Oak Ct landscaping proposals. Efforts to overcome exposure to
environmental extremes and potential loss of functional root area resulting
from construction are recommended by McClenahans arborist during their
recent site review:

. • A supplemental irrigation program is recommended and should be
accomplished at regular three to four week intervals during the period of
April through October. Irrigation is to be applied at or about the ‘drip
line’ in an amount sufficient to supply approximately fifteen (15) gallons
of water for each inch in trunk diameter (i.e. 15 x 60 = 900 gallons).
Irrigation can be provided by means of a soil needle, ‘soaker’ or permeable
hose. When using ‘soaker’ or permeable hoses, water is to be run at low
pressure, avoiding runoff/puddling, allowing the needed moisture to
penetrate the soil to feeder root depths.

• Mulching landscape area with suitable wood chips or other mulching
materials to a maximum depth of 3-inches.

• Fertilize spring and summer 2017 utilizing Romeo Greenbelt, Hydromax,
Biostimulant, and Essential on your property. Application on neighboring
property, with consent, would be beneficial.

11. Developers to construct a supplementary Arbor(s) on their side of the
property running the length of the property 1 foot wide, 14' high, and in
12' lengths, or as lengths as are appropriate so as not to harm the
adjacent trees. These arbors will create a visual separation of the
properties and add additional depth and texture to the existing fencing
system for privacy.

Again, I understand some development will occcur, but it should be done
within reason, in size comparable to surrounding properties, and in
protection of the neighbors property (heritage redwood trees) and privacy.

Thank you.

Alex & Tamara Striffler
1485 Woodland Ave
Menlo Park, CA 94025

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