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445 Oak Court

From: Ana <"Ana">
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2017 12:46:02 -0700

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Ana Pedreiro and I am the owner/resident at 230 Oak Court.

My husband and I remodeled our house a few years ago and were denied
construction of our original project by the Menlo Park City Council.

I am aware of the house project at 445 Oak Court, just a few houses down the
street from mine, and I noted remarkable similarities with our project 15
years ago, which lead me to question the Council's standards for
constructions approvals:

1- Both lots are substandard.

2- Both properties are on Oak Court.

3- Same neighborhood complaint: "big" house on substandard lot.

4- Same City Council

But here is where the City Council seems to have different positions for the
same type of project:


230 Oak Court

445 Oak Court

Denied construction of 2,900 square feet

Approved construction of 6,139 square feet

Denied 10 feet high ceiling

Approved 10 feet high ceiling

Denied 300 extra square feet construction

Approved all the square feet applied


Also worth noting that at the time we were a young couple with two little
boys and we did have the need of a bigger place.

We were allowed 2,600 square feet and two years later we applied for another
remodel which cost us an extra $70,000.

I would like to know what are the parameters used by City Council to approve
and/or deny constructions, especially ones on the same street. Shouldn't the
Council be fair with all applicants and not discriminate against some? If
the project at 445 Oak Court is approved as is, would it be fair to us to
have neighbors with the house size and height they wanted, when we did NOT
get what we wanted and was completed within City regulations?

Will the City Council reimburse us for the $70,000 we spent unnecessarily,
just because they decided to deny it to us at first, just to approve it two
years later? Will the City Council approve and pay us to remodel again and
raise the ceiling to our desired height?

Thank you for your consideration,

Ana Pedreiro

Received on Mon Jul 17 2017 - 12:49:07 PDT

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