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AB 1250

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Date: Mon, 1 May 2017 04:45:30 +0000 (UTC)

Dear Council,
This week you are tackling more issues that highlight our City's direction and impact on a local level. What's interesting, and possibly ironic, is that you do not seem to be discussing AB 1250, which would have a huge impact on what and how you could implement local control in the future. Please consider discussing this very important topic.
Besides local control, a key reason this is important is because we have so many public sector employees. That tipping point, more public than private employees, was reported years ago (I don't know where the exact balance is today) and in simple terms it means fewer workers to generate revenue to run the state...and all its employees. I have no problem with what you offer and negotiate with employees with one huge caveat: It must be sustainable. We should NOT have two-tier pay/benefits (unfair wages and benefits for worker doing the same thing, police, city staff, city managers) where some day we will owe so much to retirees that we will not be able to afford active employees -- that's what you get with under-funded liabilities and high current salaries. Willie Brown has even  highlighted that over time, we raised public sector wages and kept all the high end, percentage based, benefits so that contribute to this problem. Not opposing AB 1250 will just force your hand on this issue...can we afford that?

From 2011 there's this:

Are California Public Employees Overpaid?

March 17, 2011 14 min read Download Report Authors: Jason Richwine, Ph.D. and Andrew G. Biggs, Ph.D. Copied Abstract: While it is clear that federal workers’ wages and benefits are above market levels, it is less clear whether state and local employees are similarly overpaid. In the past year, several organizations have published studies arguing that state and local workers are underpaid. But these studies undercount or omit important benefits that public workers enjoy, leading to a substantial understatement of state and local compensation. Using the example of California, this paper provides a full accounting of state and local compensation, correcting the omissions of past studies. The conclusion is that California public employees earn up to 30 percent more in total compensation than comparable private-sector workers.
Let's talk about the real, long-term issues and not just the issues that are the hot topic today


Russ Peterson
Received on Sun Apr 30 2017 - 21:45:30 PDT

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