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Oak Grove safe route

From: domainremoved <Greg>
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2017 17:59:10 +0000


I am writing to express my support for proceeding with implementing the Oak
Grove bicycle route pilot project.

I am fortunate to both live and work in Menlo Park, and use Oak Grove every
day to commute between the two. Most days I do so on my bicycle, so I am
*very* familiar the challenges of riding on Oak Grove with parked cars (and
doors) to the right of me and cars accelerating past on the left of me. My
kids currently bike to elementary and middle school, and it would be a
shame if they had to give up that habit when they are old enough to attend

In reading about the recent objections to the pilot project, I was reminded
of Palo Alto's experience in implementing a similar pilot near Gunn High
School and Hoover Elementary School. Initially, there was a loud chorus of
protest, but a year after actually implementing and experiencing the pilot
changes, there was widespread support for making the changes permanent.

Just as on Charleston-Arastradero, implementing the Oak Grove pilot will
give the Council and City Staff the data you need to make an informed
decision on whether to make Oak Grove a permanent safe route to school. No
doubt it will negatively impact some of my fellow residents, but I am
confident that, with time and more experience, there will be overwhelming
support for making the City more livable and bikeable, and safer for kids
on bikes.

Thanks for your time and efforts to make Menlo Park's streets complete.

Yours truly,

/Greg Klingsporn
Arbor Road
Received on Wed Apr 12 2017 - 11:04:47 PDT

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