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Menlo Park Art Commission

From: domainremoved <JimLewis_at_>
Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2017 17:14:35 -0500

Hi Mayor Keith,
Many, many, many thanks for your efforts for the City Council to consider
the re-establishment of the Menlo Park Art Commission. You mentioned last
night that there seemed to be little support to do this, and thus delaying,
or tabling, the topic for another day.
Council Member Carlton pointed out that the Parks and Recreation
Commission has devoted time to a successful program of ballet, Performing Arts
Center grants, concerts during the summer at Fremont Park and a host of related
activities. She is correct - but only in a limited way, which I think you
recognize as well.
In talking with the Chair of the P&R Commission, he agrees more with you
that they have NOT had the bandwidith to do this topic justice. Art
potentially involves much more than the Commission has been doing. He does NOT see
that they will have time to do it justice this coming year; thus, another
year will go by with CULTURE taking a backseat to other priorities.
With 53 other items taking up Council and Staff time, I can understand the
reluctance to impose yet another task. Many items are dependant on their
be presented at the "right time and the right place". This item seems to be
one of them.
Thanks again for all you do for the community. It does take many hours,
talent and attention which I'm most grateful.
Appreciatively, Jim Lewis
Received on Wed Feb 08 2017 - 14:17:38 PST

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