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Re: Women's March Opens a Raw Dialogue on Race ( check your privilege at the ...

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Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2017 00:41:28 -0500

Thanks for sending the article. Dividing women is NOT a good idea;
humility shows more strength of character than arrogance. I do agree with the
need to educate ourselves about African American history, it is something I
have endeavored to do ever since I read the Rebellion of Nate Turner some
thirty years ago.
For my personal story of "white" (non-privilege): I sometimes "brag" that
just like Apple and HP, I grew up in a garage after my parents separated;
life was nearly unbearable, so I can't relate.
I still do NOT believe that half of "white" women voted for Trump. Too
many reporters have noted that over 550,000 ballots were NOT counted,
primarly in poor inner city areas, and students votes were similarly disqualified.
We had massive disenfranchisement of voters; suppression of votes, and
ended up with a flawed election due to CIA and Russian influence. The
antiquated Electoral College, finished out the injustice.
Although, I wasn't thrilled that Ms. Clinton was the Democratic candidate;
I was excited to have a woman president after over 140 years of rule by
men, men of European ancestry, with one exception. Barack was the greatest
president we ever had, and now we have a arrogant, untruthful, ruthless
egoist who will take this country in a reactionary and dangerous direction. I
pray for my country.
P.S. People are NOT colors, i.e., white, black, red, or yellow. It is
immature to simplify and divide humans along these lines, although I do know the
 genesis of the term black/white; basically it was a need to unify people
of African heritage to have pride in themselves and their history. I'm all
for that, culturally, historically, and socially.
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